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Internet Conveyancing
By embracing new technology we are able to accelerate what is normally a slow process. We use a state of the art conveyancing case management system. This enables our clients to monitor their transaction in real time and receive mobile phone updates immediately. We try to deal with all communications by email to help expedite matters. We also have internet connections with the Land Registry and Inland Revenue. This enables us to keep our costs to a minimum. A saving that we pass on to our clients.

Comparing Conveyancing Solicitors
When comparing Solicitors it is important that you establish if they actually specialise in conveyancing or do they just dabble.  Do you want a solicitor who is a jack of all trades and who may well spend the majority of their day at Court?  They could be rather difficult to get hold of!  Ask questions about their case management software.  Can you view your transaction online?  Will you receive instant SMS updates when stages are reached in your transaction?  If the answer is no chances are that the firm does not have specialist conveyancing software and are most probably not specialists in that area.  These questions will enable you to make an accurate comparison.

Happy Clients
Client satisfaction is critically important to us. We want you to be delighted with our service and recommend us. At the end of each transaction our clients are invited to review our performance on the independent Feefo customer review web site. We always obtain consistently high feedback. To see what our clients are saying about us please click here:-

Compare Conveyancing Solicitors

Unfortunately Conveyancing Comparison is not an exact science. Unlike car insurance, electricity and gas units or broadband internet connections there are very rarely fixed amounts involved. Solicitor can always provide conveyancing quotes but in reality the final amount payable can vary considerably from that amount. This is because at the time of providing the quote the solicitor has no idea if the transaction will be straightforward or not i.e. will there be problems with title defects, rights of way, support and shelter etc. It is for that reason that Conveyancing does not fit neatly into Comparison sites. Here are a few tips to help you make your own comparisons:-

You must be very careful when comparing Conveyancing Quotes and fees.  Some Solicitors often start off with an extremely low quote then bombard you with extras that are hidden away in the small print.  Questions that you need to ask are as follows:-

How much will you have to pay if the transaction falls through?

Does the quote include the cost of acting on behalf of your mortgage lender on the sale or purchase?

How much will they charge to complete your SDLT return and can you do it yourself at no extra cost?

How much will you have to pay if the property is leasehold?

Is there an extra amount to pay if the property is unregistered?

What will happen if there is a defect with the title that requires extra work and will that be included in the quote?

By asking these questions at the outset you should be able to gain a good idea of the likely final total and therefore be in a better position to compare the conveyancing quotes and fees.