Sell Your House

So its time to move on and move out. But what are the actual steps you need to take in order to sell your house.?

The first bit of advice is decorate! Try to spruce up the interior, modernise it and smooth out any glitches. Make the most of best features in the house. After all you want your house to make an impactive first statement…one that entices the buyers into a waking reverie of what life could be like contained in those walls.

By doing up your property you increases its marketability. Although marketability is also determined by the location of the property. Have a look at the other properties that are for sale and what there asking price is. This should give you a guideline to work by .

Next step is to put your property on the market. Have a look at the estate agents in your area. What is there reputation? Do they advertise properties online as well as in store? What is there commission pack like? The estate agents will determine your properties market value and advertise it as such.

Once your property is advertised, sit back and wait. In time interested parties will make an offer on your house-be willing to compromise especially in light of recent market activity. Once you’ve accepted an offer, employ a conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf in the transaction. Working alongside your conveyaning solicitor, queries raised on the property will be efficiently addressed. Try to gather all documents and guarantees that pertain to your property as it is inevitable that these will be asked for by the buyers solicitors at some point. It is also your solicitor’s responsibilities to redeem the mortgage secured against the property, as well as pay Estate Agent fees.

Ultimately, the key to successfully selling your house is compromise and patience. By embracing these aspects you will ensure smooth sailing throughout.

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